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The evolution of Internet technology is now allowing your business not only to be present and found online, but also to conduct business online (example: process transactions, sell products, accept reservations, etc.). In many cases when comparing the way the same transaction can be done online and offline, the online way is usually more convenient and cost-efficient.

If before establishing online presence was expensive and in many cases did not make business sense for small companies due to a limited number of potential customers that had Internet access, lack of localization and targeted solutions, limited number of web and internet marketing professionals that charged a premium for their services, now marketing on the Internet is not really a choice anymore but has almost become a necessity.

Let’s take a look at the different vehicles available today for establishing online presence and whether or not they should be incorporated in your strategy.

Social Networking – Social networking sites refer to online communities and websites that allow users to interact (email, instant messaging) with people that share their interests and/or activities. Popular social networking sites include Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, LinkedIn and more.

Most of the social networking sites are currently free and make for a great tool for establishing new contacts, promoting online events, connecting with your customers and more. Before you decide to create social networking profiles for your business you need to carefully outline your strategy and allocate enough resources to maintaining those accounts.

 Even though it’s free and relatively easy to set up, if you don’t have a comprehensive strategy on how you will use social networking tools to benefit your business you may as well not do them at all.

Business Site– Business website is another great tool for establishing online presence. If you’re thinking you might not be able to afford creating a website, think again. Most small business can now afford to create a simple brochure-style website. It comes to how much you want to differentiate your business from your competition and whether it makes financial and long-term business sense.

Most businesses will benefit from creating a basic website, but depending on the nature of your business you can consider adding additional features and online tools to streamline your operations or offer extra benefits to your customers.

Search Engine Optimization – Before you create a website you also need to think about the way to promote it and make sure it’s easily accessible to your customers. The biggest mistake businesses do is assume that creating a website is enough and that somehow the day after they launch it they will get tons of site hits and increase in business. Unfortunately this is not the way it works.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is one of the ways of promoting your website. Properly implemented SEO helps your website rank high in search engines for the keywords and phrases that your target audience is likely to search for.


SEO should be a lifelong engagement for any site. You need to constantly be optimizing, monitoring your competition and following keyword trends. Continuously looking for opportunities for back links is also important.

Yes! Having your business’ presence online will require a lot of work. But like most well done investments, in the future, the benefits and fruits you will reap will be worth everything you have put into it. And with this endeavor you just might need the assistance of a professional and reliable website designing company.

From the putting up of the actual site, to its marketing then finally upkeep, a well chosen website designing company can do all the work for you.

Don’t take your website development lightly because it can decide the faith of your business. Have it represent you and your offered products and services at its best.

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